How did I started travelling?


How did I started travelling? How was my corporate life going? Absolutely fantastic. Do I need to change this routine again the answer was NO.

But time came when I realized this is pathetic and I am not doing anything new in life. Neither I could make out time to learn something nor I party hard to chill out on weekends expect playing cricket on weekends.

Sports really makes impact on our life perhaps that much was not enough for me.

Should I try a new job? I am someone not made for doing desk job for 9-5 that too for 5 days in a week.

Now here the question is I have the option to change the office but again, will it be worthy? Would I able to see sunrise and sunset at the same day as I used to do in my school or college days?

We go through thousands of thoughts per day. Like some other day I was in office, however work pressure was reducing day by day as everything in my office was going to be robotics.

I stood up from my desk and came out with Cappuccino in my hand, a sudden thought passed through my mind, why not travel India.

I read a lot about India in books but why not I should visit those place and witness beauty, scenery what I read about them or saw in pictures, before I get responsibilities.

I don’t wanted that this beautiful thought to slip from my hand and I was prepare to do this at that moment only when it hit into my mind.

I am 27 and at this age life, was giving me chance to fulfill dreams and accomplish little small happiness. Adventures, trekking, hiking, camping, riding, driving, homestay, staying at unknown’s house, etc..,

Anything for I was waiting for except tour packages and hotels which actually bounds people to complete some place in a given period of time and those people we call tourist.

For all this someone who has great mental strength, who does not freak out in hasty situations, or doesn’t break in scary moments can only dare to do.

Traveling alone around India for long period is possible but not recommended. I knew this that before I start traveling a lot of preparations needs to be done.

So I began to prepare. I had to find someone who has same level of craziness, excitement when I reveal about this goal, family background does matter in all these events.

I didn’t found any capable in my office except one and when I told about this he was ready to give hardly 15 days for tour which was not sufficient and on the other part he was not found fit.

Nobody was ready to take this risk in mid of his career as it has no value in our society.

I have seen people doing trips maximum for these much days taking break from office, doing solo or in groups but what I was supposed to do I didn’t heard about this from anyone.

So I was not sure that I would getting a travel partner, also I don’t wanted to travel with any unknown person as people nowadays do checking for partner on social media.

Office was hopeless. I have college friends but they all were very serious about their career, life settlement, marriage rather roam around country. 

So I didn’t tried on them. Few days ago I remember somebody on Facebook made an announcement for travel partner for a particular destination i,e., Dharmashala. And he went on solo trip to some places.

Now this event done by this person impressed me, how a noob can manage everything in beginning Even Ajay approached me for this trip but I refused because I had no leaves(another one of the major issue in corporate life) to which I had to deny.

I felt helpless not able to join this trip. But this trip by Ajay made him eligible for all criteria for very long travel.

Ajay was my classmate and due to some serious health issue he had to drop one year from college. And we were good friends so he passed one year later after me.

Our situations were different. When I discussed about this with him he was not earning anything, preparation for GATE entrance failed, I made him realized as opportunity to him in life before getting married. He was easy fellow for me to convince him.

But deep inside Ajay also dreamed the about India travel but lack of management and approach restricted him to do so which he later revealed.

After lot of efforts I got someone with whom I can start and finish this tour.

He was residing in Delhi and  me in Noida, on many occasions I kept reminding him about the goal, so that his brain does not divert from him.

Here was another task, that Ajay should start earning maximum monthly. He got job quickly within 10 days. Now I decided to quit current office to earn which is required to fulfill all needs.

Here in October 2018 I left the job and for next 15 days did nothing other than watching movies which were pending in list since I graduated.

After Diwali celebrations we both were the employee of the same office but one as fresher and one with some experience, for different desk assigned to both.

The next challenge was from when to start and from which part. It was all about to start from Rajasthan at the beginning of 2019 or sometimes boarding a flight to the NorthEast at the end of the financial year.

But no way by time money was not enough to start. Meanwhile, for almost 6 months, I worked on maps and routes for each state thoroughly.

There were places to skip on the same route, while there were places to which were mesmerizing enough for which I was ready to go off route as well.

<img src=“image.jpg” alt=“Dreams do come true” title=“image tooltip”>
Dreams do come true

Now for the tour we two were a unit for next one year. Ground preparations was started as to buy physical things which a backpacker needs.

On the other hand en route begin, everything was directly linked to bank balance. That when it will be sufficient for us so that I can begin.

You are always one decision away from a totally different life. And this is how I started a new.


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  1. Respect your decision bhai. And I am really inspired from you big brother mujhe abhi v yaad hain bas aap ek backpack ke sath India dekhne nikal pade the aapki jazba ko salaam 😀

  2. Awesome this is the purest of everything till date, u have written., Btw who was that office guy ? And why did not u mention me anywhere?

  3. Aishwarya you are really inspiring for me. This blog is very helpful for the people, who wants to start travelling and exploring new places like you but they didn’t decide that how to start. I also want to be your travel partner. Hope this covid19 situation will go very soon and you would back into your dream project. All the best 👍

  4. Nicely put in words….So many of us, infact most of us are afraid to go after their dreams and settle down for a safe conservative life goals..goals of a secure job and post that getting married which again depends on the kind of job you have. Rare few like you have courage to take that leap of faith and risk everything to get life they really want. Felt good reading it. All the best!
    Love & regards,

  5. Well since I actually did happen to meet you during your endeavours through the country I know for certain that what you undertook was phenomenal and words aren’t enough to explain the true nature of what you physically experienced.Great Going.

  6. In college time I know you were different from others but I was not sure you will do that type adventures. You are doing great job buddy…. Keep it up..

  7. It is a simple and nice blog. Go ahead and live life fully. Wish you a very happy and travelling life ahead. Wish you all the luck

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